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Ace AF1 Skate Tool Black

Ace AF1 Skate Tool Black

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Ace AF1 Skate Tool Black

Redefining the use of a skate tool. Even smaller in size than our Classic tool.

Recessed into the wheel and truck wrenches are hardened steel re-threaders to easily tune your trucks up anywhere.

Knurling on the handle mounting hardware piece ensures ease of use and in a pinch can be used to file your griptape around the edge of your board.

Check-ball engagement mechanism on the Phillips/Allen key and mounting hardware tool prevents loss.

  • NEW! Axle & Kingpin Re-threaders Built In
  • Phillips & Allen
  • Kingpin Nut
  • Axle Nuts
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Griptape File
  • 100% High Grade Steel Tool


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