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Slime Balls Vomit Mini Wheels 53mm 97a White

Slime Balls Vomit Mini Wheels 53mm 97a White

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Slime Balls Vomit Mini II Wheels 53mm 97a White

Slimeballs Vomit Mini wheels featuring art by FALU ( @falucarolei ) with original art by Jim Phillips on wide asymmetrical shape with a rounded edge on one side & a conical edge on the other giving you a choice of lock in feel, with a wide riding surface for control on all terrain.

Wheel Specs:
Size: 53mm
Hardness: 97a
Width: 35mm
Road Surface: 20mm

  • Wide, Asymmetrical Shape
  • Rounded Back
  • Conical Front
  • Wider Riding Surface
  • Increased Lock - In On Grinds
  • Control On All Surfaces
  • High Performance 97a Urethane



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