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Stardust Skate Shop "Starman" Deck 002 By Jackson Davis

Stardust Skate Shop "Starman" Deck 002 By Jackson Davis

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Stardust Skate Shop "Starman" Deck 002 By Jackson Davis

April 28, 1972:

"Starman" is released on Earth by Ziggy Stardust, a fictitious alter ego of David Bowie, who is best described as an androgynous, bisexual, alien rock star.

Ziggy has been instructed in a dream by the Infinites (black hole jumpers) to visit a dying Earth, stripped of its natural resources, and deliver the first message of hope the young, surviving Earthlings have ever heard.

The Earthlings, with little regard (or remembrance) for reality, are embracing a hedonistic lifestyle, and welcomingly worship Ziggy & his tales of the coming starmen.

Ziggy ultimately finds his demise as the starmen jump to our planet and tear Ziggy & his new, unfortunate Earthly ego apart on stage; a brutal display of the disapproval of this sad state of humanity from the Infinites.

Fifty years later...

May 7, 2022:

"Starman" is released on Earth by Stardust Skate Shop, a young, skater owned shop, best described as a refreshing, welcoming home for Skateboarders of all ages & backgrounds to relax, unite, & grow in a judgement-free, all-inclusive atmosphere.

Stardust has been instructed by the disappointing realities of both greed & imaginary financial power to open a space where the integrity & core values of skateboarding are allowed & encouraged to shine in their fullest, brightest light. This serves as hope for all generations that no false powers can alter the path of the freedom & sanctity of their four wheels on Earth. These values are their own, and hope is not lost or forgotten, it is merely buried under the outlandish corruption of those who hold false power. The only demise to be found when this story ends will be celebrated by us all, as the whole world benefits when the ego inevitably implodes.

“There's a starman waiting in the sky, he's told us not to blow it because he knows it's all worthwhile. He told me:

  • Let The Children Lose It
  • Let The Children Use It
  • Let All The Children Boogie”
  • Original Artwork By Jackson Davis
  • Assorted Colored Top Stains
  • Take This Art & Skate It
  • Or Hang It
  • Hazy Cosmic Trace

Deck Specifications:

Width: 8.0"
Length: 31.75"
Wheelbase: 14.25"
Nose: 7.0"
Tail: 6.75"

Width: 8.25"
Length: 32.0"
Wheelbase: 14.25"
Nose: 7.0"
Tail: 6.75"

Width: 8.38"
Length: 32.0"
Wheelbase: 14.375"
Nose: 7.0"
Tail: 7.0"

Width: 8.5"
Length: 32.0"
Wheelbase: 14.375"
Nose: 7.125"
Tail: 6.75"



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