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Stardust Skate Shop Deck 001 By Jackson Davis 9.0" Egg Shape

Stardust Skate Shop Deck 001 By Jackson Davis 9.0" Egg Shape

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Window & Top Stain Color

Stardust Skate Shop Deck 001 By Jackson Davis 9.0" Egg Shape

Stardust Skate Shop Deck 001 By Jackson Davis

When Stardust was still just a dream, one of the most exciting things to me was all of the different opportunities to collaborate with friends, artists, and skateboarders. Jackson, being all three of these, was the first person I thought of when I was trying to imagine what the first Stardust decks would look like.

I'm really bad with timelines, but Jackson was YOUNG when I first saw him skating at the Mooresville skatepark. Sometimes people just have something about them that draws you in, leaves you wanting more. I could tell just watching him skate the park, at that young age, that he had that extra little something special about him.

Now, twelve + years later, I've watched him grow into an incredible young human, more talented than I ever could have imagined. It's funny how inspiration works, and in my own personal growing pains, I still find it strange how inspired I can be by somebody so much younger than me... but Jackson truly is a huge inspiration for me, both on the board and off. From his skateboarding, to his art, to his undying quest for progression in all of his passions, it's an honor and a privilege to present Stardust Skate Shop Deck #001 by Jackson Davis.

Hang it on your wall, grip it and put it under your feet, or both. Wherever it ends up, let the inspiration, wonder, and quest for progression seep into your life, as well.

Thank you, Jackson, and may I continue to live vicariously through your skateboarding for decades more to come.

Deck Specifications:

Width: 9.0" (Widest Point - Egg Shape Tapers)

  • 8.75" Over Front Truck 
  • 8.5" Over Back Truck
  • Recommended Truck Size: 159

Length: 32.0"
Wheelbase: 14.5"

  • Original Artwork By Jackson Davis
  • Assorted Colored Top & Window Stains



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